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My courses

I’ve created few video courses on the main topics to build your brand. I post a lot of videos on my YouTube channel so definitely go and subscribe, but besides that I’ve created full educational kit for you to turn your passion into a paid work. You can also see my other blog NicoleVen.com

How to talk to the camera like a pro

This is a very important course because the videos are present and future of the whole online world. It’s no question that sooner or later, everyone who wants to sell something or even want to start a business, needs to make videos. Vlogs you can call it. You need to get ahead of your competition and learn how to talk to the camera confidently now.

How to start a personal blog on WordPress and make money

I’ve created this course for everyone on this planet because everybody should be online and have their domain name and blog. I explain everything step by step when it comes to buying and choosing domain name, installing WordPress and running a successful blog.

How to build your brand online

I explain everything about building your authority online. What are the biggest thing you forget and should start doing. Everything that helped me in the process to become a succesful freelancer in London.