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5 reasons to go to University before you start your own business

Going to University is maybe the dilemma of this generation. We are surrounded by young entrepreneurs, millionaires in their twenties who dropped out and we’re trying to figure out what is the best way for us. I’m going to talk in this article about my opinion on going to University. My story is that I finished my 2 year-degree with diploma at University College of Northern Denmark, but I continued to a Bachelor degree and then dropped out. Simply because I didn’t find it useful anymore and I was ready for the real world, to start my videography career.

I want to say that going to University was the best decision I ever made. And here are the reasons why.

Reason #1 – Discipline

Discipline is probably the biggest thing I’ve learn at the university. I was always a disciplined person, always on time and working hard but only when I started going to university, I realised that I need to be much more harder on myself because I could see my competition right next to me. All the students, my classmates from around the world and then me. So many passionate, hard working people, simply hustlers. It gives you a perspective on yourself. Although, comparing yourself to others is not good at all but it will give you a good perspective especially when you’re 19 years old. I thought how good I am at everything I do, but I quickly realised the world is much bigger than Slovakia.

Being disciplined enough to keep the deadlines, finish everything on time, don’t disappoint your classmates, teachers. Discipline to show up at school at the weekends and just work. Or not sleep for 2 days to finish the project. This taught me a good lesson and helped me in a later life when I worked as a head of video production, managing live events and haven’t slept for 3 days. I just remembered I could do it at the university, so I can do it now as well. And forever.

Reason #2 – Feedback

When you’re at the university, everyone is voicing their opinion to you. Opinion of your work, everything you do is analysed and judged to the slightest detail. It’s very tough in the beginning and you probably don’t want to hear it but once you get used to it, it’s a big learning process. You have to get used to it and then you can take it on board. Often clients voice their feedback in many different ways and you need to be able to handle it. And your classmates and teachers will give you a trial and test version of it.

Getting feedback from the right people is what helps you develop. If you don’t go to a university, you can ask an opinion from your friends and parents, but if they don’t exactly understand what you do and trying to do, especially creatively, then it becomes harder to judge your skills. And of course people closest to you will tell you everything is amazing.

I remember teachers gave us such a hard time when we wrote just things for the sake of writing and they were just fillers. Also when it came to creativity and ideas, as well as design and the whole presentation. It was very harsh in the beginning but as I said, you have to get used to it.

Reason #3 – People with the same mindset

I would say a lot of businesses and interesting and successful projects were born from university friendships. And many of them were born at the university, for instance Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg and his roommate Dustin Moskowitz were programming Facebook at Harvard. This happens when you’re surrounded by a lot of people with the same mindset like yours. When you go out with your friends from the neighbourhood, or family, this will barely happen. But going to university means that everyone is there for the same reason, for the same passion. This way you can find your next business partner and create amazing things.

Reason #4 – University life

Experience of being at the university is a life long memory. I always remember the best parties and crazy stories and things we did. The beauty of it was that we worked so hard for so long and then we had to celebrate that we did it. And those were the best parties of my life. Being a student is the next step towards being an adult and you don’t have to do the full 5 years, nor 3. Just few semesters, but get the best out of it.

Reason #5 – Learning

Of course learning is the main reason why we go to university but keep in mind that you need to put it the work. You need to learn more than you are told to. You’re not doing it for the grades, you’re doing it to become the best in the industry and get the most money for doing what you love. You will learn incredible amount of new things at the university. You can also learn this by yourself at home but trust me, it is much easier at the university because you have deadlines and classmates who you want to compete with.

For creatives and people based in Liverpool and soon London, I would recommend LMA University. There are variety of courses for actors, film-makers, musicians, designers.