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Video Marketing Trends 2019

What are the video marketing trends in 2019? What trends we need to watch out for? I’m going to uncover all the video marketing trends you need to know in 2019 to rock the online world.

Why you need videos to grow your business?

82% of all online content will be videos by 2021. That pretty much speaks for itself. Every single company and brand is using videos to promote their products. Videos help you sell [promotional videos], give you trust [testimonials, reivews], increase your on page time [vlogs and marketing videos] and they catch the attention. If it’s done properly.

How videos help your SEO?

Videos increase your visitors on page time and also give you opportunity to get a backlink from YouTube, Vimeo and all video platform if you put the link to your website, in my case it’s www.nicoleven.com in the description.

Vlogs are the new movies

Videos are the future of online world. We already have so many video platforms online and this number is growing rapidly. Everything is video these days. And every company which is global and still wants to grow is making videos. For example Amazon has Amazon Studios which creates movies and TV series and you can watch them on Amazon Prime for a subscription fee.

One of the video trends for 2019 is talking directly to the camera. In other words – vlogging. It’s over for videos that look like you’re interviewing the subject, for example CEO of the company, and they’re answering questions. But of course you don’t see this person. Viewers can’t directly connect with people this way because the subject is not looking in their eyes directly. And because we are used to see so many vloggers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, it became weird for us to watch a video where person is talking to a person we don’t see.

YouTube transformed itself into a video channel for informaton and entertainment. It’s not just about music videos and silly short videos but real documentaries, movies and educational content is uploaded every minute. 20+ minute long videos are the new trend, celebrities having their own story telling video channel outside their job. We can go to YouTube these days and just watch Will Smith’s or Zac Effron’s YouTube channel the whole day and we would feel like watching short movies and vlogs with one whole story.

Quantity or quality?

Before it didn’t really matter wether your videos are high quality, as long as they were funny and had a message. So sometimes even the worst quality videos got the attention and went viral. These days it’s different. Why? Because with all new technology like our phones for instance, we can film amazing videos with just a camera in our pocket. So there’s no excuse for low quality videos anymore. Even for YouTube videos, many people go for a full video production agency to create their videos. They hire crew with drones, movie cameras, sound technicians and so on.

So watch out for this trend because the low quality of your videos, that includes quality of sound may actually dicrease your reach a lot. Sound quality is incredibly important as well and it’s not always possible to make the sound better once you film next to the airplane about to take off. There’s nothing more irritating than bad sound quality in videos. People tend to go away from those videos very very quickly.

Should I edit my own videos?

Talking about quality, you shouldn’t. Unless you have some experience with video editing. But the question might even be – should I edit my videos at all? Yes. If you vlog for example, even a simple vlog is much more interesting if you cut out awkward pauses, and all the uhmms and mistakes and put some music in it. That might seem like a small thing but it makes a huge difference.

Filming a video and just uploading it to YouTube and social media will not get you as much attention as you expect. You need to put some more work into it. It’s also so obvious that you just filmed that and posted, you don’t even have a proper thumbnail and people see that you didn’t really put a lot of work into it.

If you look for ways to improve your speech and confidence in front of a camera, I can help you with that. I’ve created an online video course you can get on Udemy and it’s called How to talk to the camera like a pro. This course will teach you everything what you’re doing right and wrong and how to absolutely nail it and become a native camera person.

Why you need a videographer?

As I just mentioned, you need someone to edit your videos but you might also need someone to film your videos. This is a bit more for those who really want to take it to the next level. I’m going to give you an example of celebrities. The latest trend is to hire a personal videographer that goes with you literally everywhere, follows you around and films everything. First of all, you have all the video content for your social media done this way and you don’t really have to do much because you’re just doing your work during the day and a videographer is documenting everything. And secondly one day you can create amazing documentary out of these videos and sell it to Amazon Prime or YouTube Originals or any other channel.